Jim Wilson


City of residence:
Cincinnati, Ohio

Logistics Assistant for a clinical research facility in Cincinnati, OH. Seasonal employee for Cedar Fair Kings Island. Pre-Season I strip and wax all tiled floors throughout the park. During the Season and 1 Hour after the park closes, I re-stock the park restrooms with supplies, chemicals and paper products!

Photography, Videography, Astronomy. The International Space Station and when the Shuttles were in operation. Coin collecting and painting. Follow The Rusty Griswolds an 80's Band.

Experience :
In 2008, ParaVizionz investigated Kings Island and I was asked to escort the Team. I had my own experiences there and was more than happy to share and assist them. A position became available on the team soon after and I jumped at the chance to work and learn from them. I've been an asset ever since including taking over and keeping the website up to date.

What made you interested in the paranormal?:
1st Apparition seen in 1992. In 2006 I had face to face contact, No one around me saw him. The show Ghost Hunters. Deceased Grandma and Aunt always messing with my Uncle! Doorbell ringing without batteries, hiding his jewlery and cooking Utensils. Cooking Utensils would always be found on the stove the next day. We are not alone, plain and simple !

Ghost Hunters 8th Season Premier was shot at Kings Island. The episode was called "Roller Ghoster". I was fortunate to be interviewed by GH for the experiences I encountered as an employee there. My interview was used in this episode. The episode aired Jan 11th, 2012.