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We are a professional paranormal investigation and research team consisting of 4 individuals from varied backgrounds. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with potential explanations and possible solutions to ease any discomfort they may have at their home or business. By utilizing the wide spectrum of specialized equipment and technology in our arsenal, all data collected during an investigation is thoroughly reviewed and anything of note is presented to the client. Together the team possesses over 20 years of investigating experience and is always discreet, confidential, and never charges for our services. While ParaVizionz has been in existence since 2002, the chemistry of the current team continues to evolve over time. In March of 2012 the ParaVizionz Paranormal team split and the remaining members moved in a more positive manner. For us, it's not about how many EVP's or videos and photos we collect, it's about the quality of the EVP's or videos and photos. We would rather have 1 good EVP than 1000 questionable ones and our clients agree. Most people realize that the paranormal field doesn't cater to our whims and if the spirits don't want to communicate, they won't. Simple as that! Thank you for taking the time to check out our website, we hope you like what you see.

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Get your ticket for this great event we do for the Friends Home in the Haunted Village of Waynesville, Ohio

We hope you join us for a great location to see. We have two dates available 6/24/16 & 8/26/16

Get your tickets for this great event!

SHH...They're coming for us!

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Audio caught from RECENT LOCATIONS.



EVP - Kyle.

EVP - I am ready.

EVP - Tell me some more.






Audio caught from a undisclosed location.



EVP - Mommy Mom.

ParaVizionz Paranormal has changed our ways in what we are looking for in the field of paranormal. We will be fighting the darkness that takes over the client or location. Its not ALL about audio & video, its about helping them fight the DARKNESS!

You can find us here as well

Ghosts and Legends of Athens, Ohio by Nick Lantz. We are honored to be part of this book

ParaVizionz / Redemption @ The Ridges

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Clicking on the Haunted Stories Banner will take you to our investigation of the TV Middletown studio.

ParaVizionz Paranormal News 05/09/2016

We have added 2 more additional Ghost Hunts with the Waynesville Historical Society 6/24/2016 & 8/26/2016. Book your spot!

A NEW EVENT POSTED! We hope to see you the October 15-16, 2016 event.

ALL spots are FULL for the Sedamsville Rectory Investigation July 23, 2016

What a great time at the Friends Home Ghost Class 101. We look forward to that every time.

We are looking to bring 4 SOULS with us to the Sedamsville Rectory. July 23, 2016.

Thank you all that watched Ghosts of War on Destination America last night. We appreciate your support.

Check out A Haunting this Sunday March 13, 2016 Jim & Lee will be on. The show is called Ghosts of War. This is a case we done in Columbus, great people.

Unfortunately ParaVizionz "Looking into the Unknown WILL NOT be back on the radio. We are extremely busy with investigations and events.

We will be at some great events this year.

I have attached a couple EVP's from last weekends investigation. Enjoy!

Join us as we Investigate the Sedamsville Rectory. More Details COMING SOON!!

Join us as we do this awesome event at the Friends Home Museum, located in the HAUNTED village of Waynesville, Ohio. The event is April 2, 2016. Email www.friendshomemuseum.org for more information

We will be putting Videos on our Bio Pages & the Technical page. It's time to AMP up the site.

The Team is BACK on ALL FOURS! We are looking to make 2016 a GREAT YEAR!!

We want to thank each and everyone of you for the support. We truly appreciate it!

Paravizionz Paranormal Investigations 2015

Feb. 5th - Residential in Middletown, Ohio

Feb. 12th - Residential Investigation in Xenia, Ohio

Feb. 26th - Residential in Morrow, Ohio

March 25th - Residential in Hamilton, Ohio

April 2nd - Ghost Class / Investigation at the Friends Home Museum located in Waynesville, Ohio

April 8th - Residential in Hamilton, Ohio

June 19th - Mansfield Lock Down Mansfield, Ohio

June 24th - Ghost Class/Hunt at the Friends Home Waynesville, Ohio

July 23rd - Sedamsville Rectory Cincinnati, Ohio

Aug. 13th - 10th Annual Meet & Greet in Indianapolis, Indiana

Aug. 26th - Ghost Class/Hunt at the Friends Home Waynesville, Ohio

Oct. 1st - Crown Point Jail Crown Point, Indiana

Oct. 15th - Event at Poasttown, Ohio

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